Thursday, April 24, 2014

Learning Reflection

Learning Reflections:

                I have learned an abundant amount of useful information in this course. Information that will not only be helpful using in the classroom but also in everyday life. For example, the journal posts; I am glad to have had this exercise because to me it allowed me to use the computer more than once a week. As we know I am not big on computers but it allowed me the opportunity to have more patience and understanding with computers. Though it was a little tough for me, I really enjoyed most all the projects and activities we had. A few of my favorite were: WebQuest( I really enjoyed doing this one and look forward to using this in the classroom. I think it’s great to engage the students too), collaborative lesson plan ( this was great because we pretended to be the teacher and create a lesson and had a team in which we all worked together), PowerPoint presentations (I wish I would’ve done mine with Pecha Kucha, I still have not looked into it but it was great to see the others students enjoying this project too), and our last assignment was exciting too, our e-portfolios( this was a great end of semester assignment because you corporate all that you have learned in the class in one page). Though I know I am not the best at computers and did not go above and beyond on my assignments (because I just don’t understand computers) I really had a wonderful time with my professor and everything I learned, and I learned a lot, and I had wonderful classmates as well. This class is a must and there should definitely be a similar class to follow it for further learning.

Suggestions and Feedback:
                Honestly I really don’t have any suggestions to give, I think you are doing a wonderful job and I personally have learned a lot that I will be using on a daily base. One of these being bibme which is a wonderful tool I have and will use for all of my classes. I also want to thank you for having  patience with me and understanding.

Learning Connection:
                Internet based projects( the following are a few of our projects):
·         Lesson Plan

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